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Knives for Hunting & Fishing

  1. MSH Ryoba Slicer - 195mm

    MSH Ryoba Duel Edge Slicer


    The 8" Ryoba is a chef's knife for the preparation/filleting of fish and carving of meat. Serrations at the heel of the blade can be used on poultry and fish.

  2. Miho Slicer - 360mm

    Miho Flat Blade Slicer


    The Miho Slicer has many uses including slicing meat and raw fish. The flat edge allows for smooth, aesthetically pleasing slices when working on large sections of food. Minimal flex gives you complete control of your slices. This knife is super long and razor sharp

  3. Mizu Slicer - 360mm

    Mizu Scalloped Blade Slicer


    The Mizu has many uses, including slicing meat, large breads and cakes. When tackling brisket or large slabs of meat, the scallops cut through the "bark" on the outside of the meat which has been cooked low and slow with ease and without squashing the food.

  4. Suraisu Slicer - 270mm

    Oriental Tanto tip precision slicer


    The 10 1/2" Suraisu has a mid size handle wich balances perfectly in the hand and is equipped with an Oriental Tanto tip for precision slicing.

  5. Flexible Filleter - 199mm

     Fillets fish and also makes a great carver


    This is a firm style flexible filleting knife designed for filleting fish and getting under fish skin. They are also great for carving the Sunday roast.

  6. Sashimi Knife - 270mm

    Right handed. Single bevel


    Sashimi Knives are traditional style Japanese slicing knives that typically have a face sharpened edge, meaning they are sharpened on one side for a much sharper cutting edge. Sashimi knives are used primarily by Sushi chefs to thinly slice fish but the knife is increasingly popular with western cooks for a multitude of tasks including roast carving.

  7. Boning - 170mm

    Designed to cut up to and around bones


    Boning knives are a special type of kitchen knife that typically have several design features that help with boning meat, fish, and poultry. Boning knives have a narrow blade and the typical size of a boning knife is 12 cm to 17 cm in length on the blade.  The primary use of this knife is to remove bones from cuts of meat. This knife is often used as a dagger with the blade facing away. The curve of the edge is designed to cut up... read more

  8. Niku Boning Knife - 150mm

    6" Thin Blade Boning Knife


    The 6" Niku Thin Blade Boning Knife has an inverted handle for a comfy grip.  A fine blade with a small surface area allows free movement and less resistance.

  9. Chopper - 170mm

    Soft bone chopper. i.e. chicken


    Designed for chopping through small bones and chicken. Typically this knife has a 30 degree angle for chopping through produce. It's all about the weight not the sharpness of these knives.

  10. Cleaver - 170mm


    Hard bone chopper. i.e. lamb and beef


    In contrast to other kitchen knives, the cleaver has an especially tough edge meant to withstand repeated blows directly into thick meat and dense cartilage and even bone. In contrast to all other kitchen tools but one, a meat tenderizer, it is the only one designed to be swung like a hammer. The edge of a meat cleaver does not need to be particularly sharp, because the knife's design, like that of a hatchet or an axe, relies on... read more

  11. Knife Roll - IO Shen (Excl knives)

    Protects, convenient and transportable


    Used for safe knife transportation and also protects the blade. This knife roll holds up to 9 knives.

  12. Magnetic Knife Bar - 425mm

    Black, elegant compact storage for knives


    The black wall mounted knife bar is 450mm long. It can hold up to 6 knives making it a very practical and compact way of housing and displaying knives.

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