Ideal for Home, Fishing Fishing, Hunting, Chefs Hunting, Chefs, Butchers
Price $199.00 $341.00 $478.50
Abrasive Aluminium Oxide Aluminium Oxide Aluminium Oxide
Sharpening method Stone Continuous Belt Continuous Belt
Replacement abrasives No Yes (Fine, Medium, Rough) Yes (Fine, Medium, Rough)
Warranty on abrasives Life N/A N/A
Warranty on motor 24 months 24 months 24 months
Angle 15 Degrees 15 Degrees 15 Degrees
Noise Same as blender Same as food processor Same as Large food processor
Skill req. Nil Minimal Minimal
Knife thickness Up to 4mm spine Up to 6mm spine Up to 9mm spine
Sharpens single bevel Yes Yes Yes
RPM 1300 2750 2500
Size (l x w x h) 22cm x 9cm x 7cm 31cm x 11cm x 11cm 32cm x 12cm x 11cm
Weight 1.1kg 1.9kg 2.25kg
Watts 80 90 180