Top Shelf 12″ Polishing Steel

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A polishing steel, such as this 12″ ultra fine abrasive steel, is used to hone the edge of a knife to create a safer, more manageable, cutting or slicing motion for your kitchen knife.

When used correctly, honing steels will push back the edges of the knife to create a correct and straight knife edge, without shaving off too much of the blade’s material. It is important that your knife is honed regularly to keep the edge in a safe condition so that it can continue to be a useful kitchen tool. Stainless steel knives generally require honing every 4 – 8 uses. Commonly used by professional chefs and butchers in their commercial settings, home cooks are also quite savvy in using polishing steels to return the edge to their knives. For more information on honing you knife visit our blog.


  • Ultra fine abrasive designed to super hone an edge.
  • Strong safe slip-resistant handle
  • Protective guard to keep you safe during use
  • Convenient loop at the end to hang up the polishing steel for future use as a storage option
  • Can be used by right or left handed people.


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