Santoku - 160mm

Means 3 uses. Slicing, dicing & mincing

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Other common names for this style of knife is East-West or Santoku.

A Santoku knife is the Japanese version of a chef knife. The knife has more steel at the tip of the blade and a flatter belly and no bolster. The knife is not rocked like a chef knife. Most people use more of a chopping motion instead of a rocking motion when cutting various types of food.

The Santoku can also be used to slice meat, and has a narrow spine for making thin cuts. The wide blade can be used to scoop diced vegetables or other ingredients into a pot or bowl and is also good for crushing garlic. A Santoku can be used on most ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, and even meat.

Like any good knife, a santoku should not be dish washed or kept in a drawer. Proper care will allow for years of enjoyment.

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