For the love of food

For the love of food
2021 Kitchen Gadget Update – 12 interesting ‘gadgets’

The Grind has covered the topic of kitchen gadgets several times before, ranging from the 'useless' to the 'essential'. But as every year passes, new kitchen gadgets appear, with some disappearing almost instantly, some becoming the kitchen equivalent of a one-hit-wonder and others becoming permanent fixtures in kitchens around the…

All you need to know about sashimi

Not to be confused with sushi, sashimi is the Japanese term for a dish that comprises raw fish cut into very thin slices, generally using a specialised sashimi knife (like this one) which is flat on one side. Sushi (also referred to as 'nigiri') on the other hand is the…

14 top ‘celebrity chefs’ of all time (Part II)

Here is the final part of our take on celebrity chefs though history (read the first part here). 8) Fanny Cradock If you love pizza – and are not of Italian descent – you may well have Fanny Cradock to thank. Fanny Cradock (only one ‘d’) was born in 1909…

14 top ‘celebrity chefs’ of all time (Part I)

Today the world is swimming in celebrity chefs. Take one look at the Wikipedia entry List of chefs, which divvies up famous chefs throughout history and, in sheer numbers, there are ten times as many modern chefs (ie those active in the 20th and 21st centuries) as those in all…

Passion projects

Look up the phrase 'passion project' and you'll find something like what appears on the Cambridge Dictionary site… “A piece of work, especially a film, that someone gets involved in because they love or feel it is very good and important, not to make money.” Which brought back memories of…


Browsing a bookshop the other day we came across a new title called “Who ate the first oyster?” and no further explanation was required – no need to check the back cover to see what it was about. Do you ever find yourself wondering who was the first person to…

It’s December- it must be prediction time!

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Maybe, but ’tis also the season to try and make predictions about what’s going to happen in the intervening months before the next being jolly season…

Forget fake meat – fake fish is the new thing

As we reported a short while back here scientists and food technicians around the world are busy developing alternatives to real meat.

Microfarming – technology + veggies

A quick perusal of the articles on The Grind and you’ll see quite a few of them focus on meat.

Most expensive food ingredients in the world Part II

This is the second in our two part review of the most expensive food ingredients in the world.

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