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In the news
Love it or hate it – Halloween’s coming

The very mention of the word ‘Halloween’ invokes very different reactions in people… Two dollar shop owner: Last time to make money until Christmas!Six year old: I like dressing up! (then gets scared at the party/parade)… I want to go home!Teenager: Great!Teenager that’s seen Halloween the movie: Er…Anyone over 40…

It’s a tough job…

Once or twice a year David Stemmer gets to go to the beach for work. Unfortunately it doesn’t involve much swimming or lying around on the sand – he’s generally there because a whale carcass has washed up on the beach and his job as Collections Manager (Mammals) at the…

Kitchen appliances (and one in particular) are all the rage

Forget toilet paper. Now a sizeable chunk of the Australian population only wants to buy kitchen appliances (and one in particular – see below). It’s a type of watered down doomsday prepping, but ultimately eminently sensible if it looks like some COVID-19 restrictions look set to remain – all part…

Food trend predictions go out the window

Back in December, along with a number of much better qualified pundits, we offered our two cents on which food trends would, er, trend in 2020. Then along came COVID-19 and all bets were off. You could just switch on the news and see exactly which foods were trending –…

Are you a reader, or a watcher?

Last month we looked forward to a few trends we thought would be coming along in 2020. This article is all about the opposite…

It’s December- it must be prediction time!

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Maybe, but ’tis also the season to try and make predictions about what’s going to happen in the intervening months before the next being jolly season…

Built-in obsolescence, what’s that?

Rafael Nadal celebrated his 18th birthday, Tracey Grimshaw her 44th and Suzi Quatro her 54th, but most importantly…

Forget fake meat – fake fish is the new thing

As we reported a short while back here scientists and food technicians around the world are busy developing alternatives to real meat.

What will the sharpest blade on the planet be… in the future?

Even though there are many exotic – and not so exotic – materials that can be used to make very sharp blades, what’s interesting is the longevity of the current standard – the steel blade.

Microfarming – technology + veggies

A quick perusal of the articles on The Grind and you’ll see quite a few of them focus on meat.

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