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Most expensive food ingredients in the world Part II

This is the second in our two part review of the most expensive food ingredients in the world.

30 most expensive food ingredients in the world

After last month’s article about weird and wonderful foods around the world, we’ve been bitten by the ‘listicle’ bug and thought it might be interesting to find out what the world’s most expensive foods are.

Is fake meat just around the corner? (the answer is – probably not)

Quietly, right around the globe, scientists are seeing if they can make fake meat that people would actually want to eat. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Well, there are lots of reasons.

The 2018 popularity contest

There’s a theory in the world of journalism (and PR) that there are only three things that drive the news – tragedy, controversy and quirkiness. In that order.

If you really want to play with fire, take up smoking

We’ve covered the resurgence in interest in barbecuing and the rise of competition barbecue in a few of our previous articles. We took some time out recently to speak with Tony Gimellaro, captain of the Beard & The BBQ competitive BBQ team

The man who invented Christmas

With Halloween now over for another year, the path is clear all the way to Christmas and the race is on for the next seven weeks and four days

The challenges of gift buying

Did you know… the word ‘gift’ comes from the Old Norse word ‘gipt’, which became in Middle English the word ‘gidt’ meaning ‘to give’.

What is the sharpest blade on the planet II

Way back in 2014 we wrote a short article called ‘What is the sharpest blade on the planet’ and this is the sequel. To save you having to go back and read the original article – the answer is a knife made out of obsidian, as any kid who plays…

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