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Built-in obsolescence, what’s that?

Rafael Nadal celebrated his 18th birthday, Tracey Grimshaw her 44th and Suzi Quatro her 54th, but most importantly…

All about knife edges (yes there are different types)

Next time somebody tells you they’re on a knife edge, maybe don’t ask them what type.

Measuring the hardness of steel and the sharpness of knives

“My knife is sharper than yours” begs the question “well how do you prove that?”

Forget fake meat – fake fish is the new thing

As we reported a short while back here scientists and food technicians around the world are busy developing alternatives to real meat.

What will the sharpest blade on the planet be… in the future?

Even though there are many exotic – and not so exotic – materials that can be used to make very sharp blades, what’s interesting is the longevity of the current standard – the steel blade.

Microfarming – technology + veggies

A quick perusal of the articles on The Grind and you’ll see quite a few of them focus on meat.

Most expensive food ingredients in the world Part II

This is the second in our two part review of the most expensive food ingredients in the world.

Most expensive food ingredients in the world Part I

After last month’s article about weird and wonderful foods around the world, we’ve been bitten by the ‘listicle’ bug and thought it might be interesting to find out what the world’s most expensive foods are.

Is fake meat just around the corner? (the answer is – probably not)

Quietly, right around the globe, scientists are seeing if they can make fake meat that people would actually want to eat. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Well, there are lots of reasons.

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