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Why I.O. Shen Knives?

Every knife in the I.O.Shen Mastergrade range uses the very latest technology to construct a blade that is not only amazingly sharp but will retain an edge for a phenomenal amount of time. They have been hand sharpened to a 15° angle, which allows for wonderful slicing and portion control.

The unique handle design distinguishes I.O.Shen from any other knife. The full tang construction provides strength, balance and precision control.

The razor sharp edge ensures cleaner sharper cuts and the Triplex Technology extends the edge life between sharpening.

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Best Sellers

  • $386.00

    3 Knife Gift Set

    Stunning new addition to the I.O.Shen range

  • $126.50

    Utility Knife - 132mm

    Large paring knife

  • $168.50

    Oriental Slicing - 170mm

    This knife rocks. Fabulous for Asian greens

  • $134.00

    Flexible Filleter - 199mm

     Fillets fish and also makes a great carver

  • $151.50

    Boning - 170mm

    Designed to cut up to and around bones

  • $180.00

    Magnetic Knife Block (excl knives)

    Knife storage both sides of the block


  • Knife Sharpening Station Training Video

    This is a virtual product training session for the Total Knife Care Knife Sharpening Station. This is invaluable information for every staff member. Every product is reviewed, user profile identified, & demonstrated.

  • Nirey KE-280 - KE-3000 Training Video

    This training DVD was specifically produced for the Tesco group of stores in Britain. The machine being demonstrated is a modified version of the Nirey KE-280, however, the method and operation of the machine is identical to that of the KE-280 and KE-3000.

  • Nirey KE-500 Training Video

    A quick "how to" on the ultimate new Nirey Sharpener. The new Nirey KE-500 Sharpener ticks all the boxes.

  • Learn how to change belts on your Nirey KE-500, KE-280 or KE-3000

    Learn how to change the abrasive belts on your Nirey KE-500, KE-280 or KE-3000 Sharpener.

  • View our Nirey KE-198 training video

    This training video is a very effective way of teaching you how to correctly use the Nirey KE-198 Sharpener. It will explain the correct positioning of the knife relative to the machine.

  • Learn how to sharpen a knife on a Nirey KE-198 electric sharpener

    When one of TKC's associates arrived with a dozen of his blunt (wrecked) knives, Luke went to work on a Nirey KE-198 Electric Sharpener to bring back a razor sharp edge.

  • Nirey Knife Sharpeners reviewed by Sporting Shooter Magazine

    Sharpening knives in the bush.

  • Top 5 tips on how to choose a knife

    Meet Shane Nipperess from King of Knives Chermside and Maroochydore talking about his 5 tips on how to choose a knife.

  • Rust Eraser Demonstration

    Watch how using one of our rust erasers cleans up this badly looked after knife and using a Nirey Sharpener gets the edge back.

  • I.O.Shen - Stunning and Razor Sharp

    I.O.Shen knives are crafted from quality Japanese stainless steel using Triplex Technology. Each knife has been individually sharpened to a 15-degree angle to ensure accurate slicing every time. Sharp, balanced and stylish, the Mastergrade range offers you a professional suite of quality knives.

  • Alison Taafe (The Sassy Chef) and I.O.Shen Mastergrade Knives

    This video is a series of three, 2 minute videos detailing the range of knives, how to use the different styles of knives, and finally an end product from produce cut using the knives.

  • I.O.Shen Bread Knife Demonstration

    This knife has a scalloped edge (i.e. curved bays) not serrated (i.e. steak knife). When the scallops are 8mm apart it is called a bread knife and when they are 4mm apart it is called a pastry knife. Pastry knives as the name suggests are used by Pastry Chefs to do fine work with sponges and so forth. Our bread knife has 6mm scallops giving you the best of both worlds.

  • I.O.Shen Santoku Demonstration

    A Santoku knife is the Japanese version of a chef knife. The knife has more steel at the tip of the blade and a flatter belly and no bolster. The knife is not rocked like a chef knife. Most people use more of a chopping motion instead of a rocking motion when cutting various types of food. Like any good knife, a santoku should not be dish washed or kept in a drawer. Proper care will allow for years of enjoyment.

  • Maui Deba Demo

    Designed by Chef Karim Maoui to be a multi-purpose blade that is fit for a huge variation of tasks. 170mm in length and 57mm in depth at its widest point, it has a beautiful curve to the edge leading to an arrow head point. “Designed to fit and balance perfectly in the hand. For me, it’s the perfect compromise of the weight of a German knife with the exquisite cutting edge of Japanese craftsmanship” – Chef Karim Maoui, Designer.

  • Paring Knife Demo

    Ideal for peeling and other small or intricate work such as de-veining a shrimp, skinning mushrooms or cutting small garnishes. The moment the item being cut is in the palm of your hand, pick up a paring knife. These knives are usually between 60cm to 120cm. Because it is designed for peeling and trimming fruits and vegetables, the paring knife's edge must be kept sharp.

  • I.O.Shen Knives at the Circus

    Photography – www.richardbudd.co.uk Hair and makeup – www.sianstone.co.uk Model - Lauren Video production – www.infin8media.com Music - infin8audio Knives – www.ioshen.co.uk

  • BaouRouge Precision Slicing Knife

    This 8 1/4″ Right-Hand Precision Slicing Knife is made specifically for right-handed users. This is a re-created French-made 1968′ DUX slicing knife.

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